Eatonia dance teacher and students head to Hollywood

The four students spent several days in Los Angeles, including four days in Hollywood, where the dancers attended classes with professional instructors

Four of Eatonia dance instructor Lindsay Larock’s students, in costumes they wore when dancing in one of two parades at Disneyland in Los Angeles. Left to right, Addison Goldstone, 9, of Eston, Addy Larock, 10, of Eatonia, Ryan Goldstone, 10, and Tory Lahey, 8, of Eston.

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Lindsay Larock of Eatonia teaches dance in Eston and four of her students, including her daughter, have had a unique experience in the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles.

The Eatonia resident operates the 454 Dance Co. in Eston and one of her students, eight-year-old Tory Lahey of Eston, helped to open the door for three of her other students to get an opportunity of a lifetime: to dance in parades at Disneyland and to learn from professional instructors in Hollywood.

Larock said Lahey won a scholarship at a Leader School of Dance competition earlier this year and the scholarship was an opportunity to participate in the Be Discovered program. The young dancer also won the same scholarship at a competition in Medicine Hat.

The instructor said Lahey earned the opportunity to participate in the Summer in L.A. Disney Intensive, a program that includes going to Los Angeles, dancing in parades at Disneyland and attending classes in Hollywood, among other items.

Larock said after Lahey earned the opportunity through the two dance competitions she started to look further into the program. She noted that her daughter Addy, 10, sent an audition tape to the Be Discovered program and she earned the opportunity to participate in the Summer in L.A. Disney Intensive. Two other students, Ryan, 10, and Addison Goldstone, 9, of Eston also made the trip to Los Angeles.

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