Kobras beat North Battleford’s John Paul II in 1st game of season

The team travels to Delisle this Friday. And the home opener will be played under the lights on Sept. 22.

Kevin McBain
of The Clarion

The Kindersley Kobras are off to a great start.

The Kindersley Composite School squad opened its six-game nine-man high school football season last Thursday with a big 18-7 road win over John Paul II in North Battleford.

Coach Tavis Lehman said that it was great to get a win right off the start.

The Kindersley Kobras defeated John Paul II in their first game of the season last week.

“We definitely learned a lot and we got a win in the process,” he said. “We learned a lot about our strengths and our weaknesses and what we need to do to work on them.

“Overall, I’m pretty happy and it’s the first win against these guys for me as a coach so it does feel pretty good that way,” he added.

It was a tough opening game for offensive co-ordinator Doug Klassen, who not long before the game found out that his Grade 12 quarterback, Aaron Wipf, a transfer from Marengo, was ineligible to play in the game.

Brandon Veldhoen, who filled in and played both sides of the ball, was outstanding. Grade 10 Hudson Boehm also did well during his time behind the centre, even scoring a touchdown, along with Dylan Schmidt and Tristan Benson.

Another standout was Damien Cormans, who played well on defence, where he hasn’t played before.

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