Lagoon project requires grant to move forward

‘We’ve been told we’re close to the top of the pile for grant money,’ Mayor Rod Perkins says

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Town of Kindersley wants to complete a major wastewater project but the expensive work has been put on hold due to the lack of grant funding in 2017.

Town council members passed a resolution at a meeting on Nov. 14 to transfer $1.25 million to a reserve account. The money had been budgeted for 2017 to expand the capacity of the town’s wastewater lagoon system located southwest of Kindersley.

Council was being presented with a resolution to direct the mayor and chief administrative officer to enter into an amended agreement with AECOM, the engineer for the project, and to include $335,200 in the town’s 2018 budget to cover the amended agreement.

The proposed resolution stated that Phase 1 of the major project is to be completed in 2018 and Stage 2 is to be completed in 2019. The resolution never went to council and, instead, officials moved the money around.

Mayor Rod Perkins said the town has already made an investment in the project. He noted that AECOM has done the preliminary engineering to prepare for the work. A resolution was passed in June 2016 to enter an agreement with AECOM to complete a topographical survey, geotechnical investigation and preliminary design for the project.

For more on this story, please see the Dec. 6 print edition of The Clarion. lagoon project

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