Council responds to resident’s concern about businesses

Two businesses on Sixth Street West draw concerns about late-night activity, rodents, improper storage and fencing

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

A husband and wife in Kindersley’s west end have told town council they have concerns about a pair of businesses in their area.

Todd Ecklin and his wife appeared before council at its Dec. 11 regular meeting to continue discussion about a couple of business operating near the couple lives on Sixth Street West.

Ecklin told council that he and his wife met with the mayor to present their concerns and, since that meeting, there has been no communication with the town with respect to what’s being done at the two commercial properties. The enterprises in question are a cleaning business and a towing business along Sixth Street.

Ecklin presented a list of concerns and inquiries he would like to see addressed near the residential property. His list included privacy fencing, a plan for rodent control at a compound where damaged vehicles are being stored, the plans for future zoning and land use along Sixth Street West, the timing of curb and street repairs, and a concern with an alley running from north to south behind the property. Another area of concern involved a damaged Super B trailer in the compound used for hauling crude oil.

For more on this story, please see the Dec. 20 print edition of The Clarion.


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