Ex-travel agent’s victims lost more than $1 million, Kindersley court told

Leslie Glauser has been sentenced to three years in jail after more than 250 complaints. She must also pay back nearly $200,000

Clarion Staff

Leslie Glauser has been sentenced to three years in jail after a joint submission was made to Kindersley provincial court on Tuesday.

Crown prosecutor Darren Howarth presented the submission as Glauser, a former travel agent who owned and operated T & T Travel in Kindersley, sat beside her lawyer Robert Robbenhaar. Howarth presented a summary of the facts to Judge Robert Jackson.

A guilty plea was entered by Robbenhaar and Glauser over the phone at a previous court appearance. Howarth said the former travel agent pleaded guilty to a single charge of committing fraud in an amount greater than $5,000.

Former Kindersley travel agent Leslie Glauser was sentenced to three years in jail and ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution. Here, she’s escorted from court in Kindersley on Tuesday morning.

The Crown had pursued a global charge in light of the more than 250 complaints against the accused. Howarth said the Crown and defence have agreed on the total amount of money lost in the case. He told the court that the loss to victims totalled more than $1.02 million.

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