Local woman donates to charities via contest

Kindersley resident Kim Mah won the CAA Celebrate 100 Years $100,000 pot. She gets to keep $50,000 and selected recipients for the other $50,000

Representatives of three local charitable organizations gather to announce the donations they received from Kindersley resident Kim Mah, who won the CAA Celebrate 100 Years $100,000 contest. Charities Include West Central Abilities (WCA) Inc., the Kindersley and District Food Bank and Kindersley Library Board. Left to right, Leslie Omness, a representative of the food bank, Lorne Kelsey, chairperson of the WCA board, Kim Mah, who’s holding a display cheque showing her $50,000 in winnings, Colette Pelletier, a WCA program co-ordinator, Kim Edmunds, WCA executive director, Bradley Bews, a WCA client, Marilyn Shea, head librarian at the Kindersley Library, and Cheryl Glass, vice-president of the library board.

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Kindersley resident Kim Mah has been a CAA Saskatchewan member for about two decades and her longtime membership has paid off after winning a special contest.

Mah was selected as the CAA Celebrate 100 Years $100,000 member winner in a contest held to mark 100 years of history for CAA Saskatchewan. Mah has won $50,000 in CAA Dollars, and she won an additional $50,000 to donate to local charities of her choice.

The $50,000 has been split up among three local charities. At Mah’s request, $20,000 was donated to West Central Abilities (WCA) Inc., $15,000 was donated to the Kindersley and District Food Bank, and $15,000 was donated to the Kindersley Library Board.

There were also 12 monthly prize winners in the CAA Celebrate 100 Years contest, but Mah won the grand prize. She can access her $50,000 winnings in CAA Dollars, or in CAA Saskatchewan gift cards.

Mah said the association’s 100th year was in 2017, so members were given an opportunity to visit CAA Saskatchewan locations across the province to enter monthly draws. She said for the grand prize draw, active CAA members in the province were given an entry for each year they have been a member.

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