Minor ball delegate lays out field plans for town council

Town council byelection to replace Ken Francis has been set for April 11. Nominations close on March 7

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Kindersley Minor Ball (KMB) has an ambitious plan they’ve presented to town officials.

Chad Miller, the KMB president, shared plans with town council on Feb. 12 and detailed the organization’s proposed expenditures for 2018.

He noted that the budget for capital improvements already included $40,000 in the approved preliminary budget for 2018. The money is to be used for bleacher maintenance at Berard and Flanagan fields, and to complete upgrades to the ticket booth at Berard Field. Miller said KMB received three quotes and the organization went with the lowest quote.

The lowest quote was $38,000 and Miller said the bleacher improvements would also include new railings at an estimated cost of $3,200. The total cost for the bleacher and ticket booth upgrades would be $41,200 in total.

Council heard of another project to build a new concession booth at the Longhorn Oil & Gas and Lynco Hot Oilers fields. He said an old booth at the fields would be converted for other uses and the new building will be a full-service food booth. The $15,000 project will access funds from a $2,500 grant, along with advertising revenues and money from the organization’s capital budget.

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