Council working on industrial area road improvement

Heavy-haul traffic in the industrial area has a large impact on the roads, so council is studying ways to fund improvements

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Town of Kindersley wants to improve its roads in the industrial area, and officials are discussing options to direct funding towards the road improvements.

Town officials discussed the establishment of a new Industrial Road Reserve on Feb. 12 at a regular meeting of council. No decisions were made at the meeting, but council discussed an option to establish a new levy for property owners in the industrial area.

The town continues to make efforts to improve the industrial area with respect to the roads, dust control and drainage in recent years. Audrey Hebert, the town’s director of corporate services, reminded council of a discussion members had regarding a reserve for industrial area road improvements.

“This was a directive through your budget meeting,” Hebert said, referring to a meeting held on Jan. 31 to discuss the town’s budget expenditures for 2018. “You had a discussion about implementing an industrial road reserve.”

She noted that the discussion included talk of the money for the Industrial Road Reserve coming from the base tax collected for road improvements in town. The director was referring to the annual $300 levy paid by all property owners for road improvements in the municipality.

Hebert said she provided council with information such as there are approximately 146 properties in the town’s industrial area and at $300 per property, the town collects about $43,800 from the industrial properties for road improvements. The total of $43,800 represents 7.4 per cent of an annual levy collected for road improvements, she said.

For more on this story, please see the Feb. 21 print edition of The Clarion.


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