Kindersley town council raises water, sewer fines

‘You have to have some teeth in your penalties,’ said Mayor Rod Perkins about the increased fines

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Town of Kindersley is getting serious about its water and sewer systems. The town has made significant increases to fines in its water and sewer utilities bylaw.

A special meeting of council was called for Feb. 15, so the town’s elected officials came together for a public session. The purpose of the special meeting was to amend Bylaw 16-09, to regulate the maintenance and management of the waterworks and sanitary sewer systems, and plumbing and to provide for the collection of water and sewer accounts. Bylaw 05-18, to amend Bylaw 16-09, was given three readings and adopted at the meeting.

The entire discussion regarding the bylaw amendments was done during a private, in-camera session during the special meeting. Not one member of the town’s council or administration spoke to the amendments during the public session.

In an interview, Mayor Rod Perkins said council held the special meeting to “tighten up” the water and sewer bylaw. The bylaw amendments included changes to the penalties and notice of violation section and the payment of notice of violation section of the bylaw, but the main change is to the penalty schedule.

For more on this story, please see the Feb. 21 print edition of The Clarion.


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