Wildlife federation holds annual fundraiser

Annual fundraising and awards banquet on March 3 drew about 200 people

Hunters and anglers from the area show off the awards they received at the Kindersley Wildlife Federation’s annual fundraising and awards banquet on March 3 at the Kindersley Inn. Back row from left: Layne Wall, Rick Fries, Darrin Johnson, Tim Kachmarski, Jeff Vass, Brooke Kachmarski, Scott Patey, Brad Ginther and Jason Desmarais. Front row from left: Kaylee Allin, Danny Alexander, Tom Ginther, Shaunesy Diemert, Joylene Mann, Kallom Hadland and Jesse Smith.

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Kindersley Wildlife Federation (KWF) has been busy with its projects, and a successful fundraiser last weekend will help to support its efforts.

The KWF held its annual fundraising and awards banquet on March 3 at the Kindersley Inn. Approximately 200 people attended the event and, while the fundraising total was not available for publication, organizers say the banquet could be considered a success.

There were several ways for people to keep busy, spend their money and win items over the course of the night. Jeff Vass, the master of ceremonies, welcomed people to the event and he reminded them about the main reason they were all there.

“This is the wildlife federation’s main fundraiser of the year,” Vass said, noting that he wanted to recognize and thank everyone for getting out to support the federation, and all of its programs, activities and members.

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