Chamber to explore online shopping for Kindersley

The goal is to promote a culture that encourages online shoppers to shop in town

Rick Miller, a director for the Kindersley and District Chamber of Commerce, discusses a Shop Kindersley Online program.

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Online shopping is having an impact on businesses, and the Kindersley and District Chamber of Commerce hopes to capture a part of that online market for Kindersley.

Rick Miller, a business owner and chamber of commerce director, came up with the idea to start a program to promote local businesses and to attract customers using an online platform. The chamber-led initiative will be known as the Shop Kindersley Online program.

Miller shared the idea with a group of people during a lunch meeting on March 1 in the conference room at the G-Mac’s AgTeam office on Main Street. Members of the media were invited to the meeting and he said it is important for the message to get out to those people who are shopping online. The goal is to get online shoppers to shop in town, he stressed.

He noted that he has been thinking about the idea since Christmas, and he chose to join the chamber’s board of directors with hopes of bringing the idea to fruition. Miller was sitting with family at Christmas when the idea struck him.

A group of women from the family were talking about all of the things they had purchased online. One of the women asked Miller for a donation to support a cause, and an initial thought was to make a suggestion to write a letter to Amazon. He said Shop Kindersley Online is about much more than a website.

For more on this story, please see the Mar. 7 print edition of The Clarion.

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