Traffic survey focuses on Highway 7 through town

Traffic is expected to continue to increase so the ministry wants to identify and prioritize improvements along the busy stretch of highway

Daytime traffic converges on the intersection at Highway 7 and Highway 21 in Kindersley. An online survey focusing on the Highway 7 corridor through Kindersley is now open at the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure website and people are being encouraged to fill it out before April 10.

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Kindersley residents are being given an opportunity to complete an online survey that will help to determine future improvements on Highway 7 in Kindersley.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has released a survey as part of a public consultation. The survey focuses on the section of Highway 7 that runs through Kindersley. People who use the highway and service roads are being asked to take the ministry’s online survey.

The survey is for residents, commuters and any other motorists that travel through town on the highway. People will find the survey here. The Town of Kindersley has also provided a link to the survey.

The survey’s title is Highway 7 Safety Improvements – Kindersley and it’s part of the ministry’s Highway 7 Kindersley Corridor Study. According to the ministry, Kindersley has been experiencing an increase in traffic.

The increase in traffic is expected to continue into the future, so the ministry is looking to identify and prioritize future safety and traffic improvements along the busy stretch of highway. The ministry states that Highway 7 is also part of the National Highway System.

For more on this story, please see the Apr. 4 print edition of The Clarion.

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