Town’s procurement and purchasing policy goes through changes

Council has agreed to have Square K Electric complete a maintenance plan for town facilities

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Town of Kindersley has completed a process to review its procurement and purchasing policy. A resolution of council has been passed to approve the changes.

Council members approved the revised procurement and purchasing policy at a meeting on April 9. Councillor Elyse Moss spearheaded the process to review the policy, so she was asked to comment on the process and the changes.

Moss said the policy was reviewed about a month ago with council’s support. The changes include updates to definitions in the policy to provide greater clarity for everyone, but there are also changes to the policy with respect to making sure expenditures are made appropriately.

“We have added some additional checks and balances,” Moss said, recognizing one of the changes specifies that all purchases of more than $10,000 in value have to be brought forward to council for further review.

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She told council that purchases of more than $10,000 in value would also require additional signatures and reviews. The definitions for “community project” and “town project” have also been updated to make them clearer for all to understand, she said.

Bernie Morton, the town’s chief administrative officer, said the town’s procurement and purchasing policy has been requested by other municipalities to use as a guide before the recent changes. The changes have made a good document even better and the improvements are excellent, Morton added.

Other meeting highlights

• Council has passed a resolution to enter into an independent contractor agreement with Square K Electric to complete a maintenance plan for town facilities.

Mayor Rod Perkins said council discussed a report from the contractor during a private, in-camera session. The report focused on work the contractor has been doing at the West Central Events Centre (WCEC). He said the contractor will analyze all town facilities and provide a complete maintenance plan.

Councillor Randy Ervine said the town is confident in the contractor and council has been satisfied with discussions between the town and contractor. Councillor Gary Becker recognized that the contractor is a competent individual to work on the plan.

Becker said the contractor has already outlined efficiencies at the WCEC to save thousands of dollars in as few as three years. The contractor has experience in the private and public sectors, so the experience will help.

• Members of council have paid their respects to the victims and people affected by the Humboldt Broncos bus crash on April 6. Council stood for a moment of silence at the onset of the meeting on April 9. Mayor Rod Perkins said it was a difficult time for him as a former president of the Iron Horse Kindersley Klippers, and Kindersley is mourning alongside the rest of the country and everyone who is affected by the tragedy.



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