Man receives prison term for sexual interference

Dharam Brahmbhatt could be deported to India as a result of the guilty verdict

Clarion Staff

Dharam Brahmbhatt’s future in Canada is uncertain after being sentenced to four months in jail for committing sexual interference at his workplace.

The criminal matter was at provincial court for decision after a trial several weeks ago. Judge Robert Jackson had ruled that Brahmbhatt was guilty of committing sexual interference and all that remained was for the defendant to receive his sentence.

Monte Sheppard, the man’s defence lawyer, made a request to have the sentencing adjourned for one week to allow him to get his affairs in order. Sheppard said his client was living in Ontario and he needs the week to relocate his wife to Saskatchewan. He said the man has family in Swift Current and his wife does not speak much English.

Prosecutor John Knox said the Crown is opposed to the request to adjourn the sentencing. He said Brahmbhatt has known jail was an option since the end of February, so he had ample time to make the arrangements before the May 15 court date.

Jackson said there is a mandatory minimum of 90 days in jail and he has found the defendant to be guilty. He noted that nothing has changed since the end of February and Brahmbhatt has known jail is a possibility, so he believed the sentencing should proceed as indicated.

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