Locals compete in trapshooting championships

Dan, Tim and Brooke Kachmarski of Brock shot in all events at the national event over the five days


Linda Kuzyk, Tim Kachmarski, Dan Kachmarski and Brooke Kachmarski take aim at the targets during the Canadian Trapshooting Championships in Brandon, Man., late in June. The Kachmarski family is from Brock, Sask.

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Lori Kachmarski

The Canadian Trapshooting Championships were held in Brandon, Man., from June 27 to July 1 and three Brock residents took part.

There were 134 shooters from Canada and the United States competing in an open class and a closed class for Canadians only. The participants competed in singles, doubles and handicap events during the competition.

Singles events involve a shooter hitting one target at a time from the 16 yard line. In a doubles event, two targets are thrown at the same time at different angles, and the shooter has 2 shots to break the targets. In the handicap events, shooters are standing at different yardages from the trap house and one target is thrown out.

A shooter’s average scores and their wins in the discipline determine where they stand between 18 to 27 yards in a handicap event. Competitors start at the 18-yard line and they are moved back in increments of a half yard or full yard to the 27-yard line as their skills and averages improve. Handicap is split into 3 categories including short yardage from 18-21 yards, mid yardage from 22-24 yards and long yardage from 25-27 yards.

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