The tiny facial cues that can tip you off

Picking up the early cues gives you more time to take action, change what you’re doing or prepare for what’s coming next

The tiny facial cues that can tip you offDuring the recent B.C. election, I had lots of questions about how to interpret non-verbal communication cues. Let’s focus on the micro cues on faces. Not the obvious raised eyebrows and downturned mouth expressions, but some of the not-so-obvious signals – like skin colour change. When someone is described as “hot around the collar,” they’re experiencing a…

Make a back flip over your fear

If fear is putting you in an inner conflict, try collaboration instead of fighting and imagine a more triumphant outcome

That which we resist persists – but you can change all that! A young gymnast has been working with me on elevating her performance. Despite being exceptionally talented and scoring well on the bars and mat, she recently developed a completely debilitating fear of the balance beam. When pressed about the problem, she described a fear of falling;…
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