Kindersley budget contains major capital spending

Expenditures of $23.1 million and revenues of $17.1 million mean $6 million is needed through borrowing and transfers from reserves

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Town of Kindersley’s 2018 budget contains the largest capital investment for several years to come with nearly $11.5 million in capital expenditures.

Council members approved the 2018 budget at a meeting on May 7. With expenditures of more than $23.1 million and revenues of more than $17.1 million, there is a $6 million difference. The budget will be balanced by a combination of borrowing and transfers from reserves.

Three larger projects consume more than $8.07 million of the total budget with $5.1 million for the new aquatics centre, $2 million for the new fire hall and $975,360 for the regional landfill project. The three projects represent 70 per cent of all capital spending for 2018.

The town’s road and utilities projects are budgeted at $2.76 million to consume most of the remaining capital dollars being spent this year. The town is also investing in parks with a total of $178,500 in park expenditures.

Parks spending includes $66,000 for Coleman Park, $40,000 for Kinsmen Park and $72,500 for new playground equipment. The town’s operating budget represents a total of $12.5 million of the total budget. The town projects a surplus of nearly $319,000 after transfers and loans.

The town’s single largest revenue stream is the municipal tax levy. The 2018 budget forecasts nearly $7.24 million in revenue from the tax levy, a slight increase over the $7.1 million forecasted in the 2017 budget. The forecasted municipal tax levy in 2017 ended up under budget at approximately $6.95 million.

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