Theft and speeding continue to be concerns in the community

In April, there were eight thefts under $5,000, three possession of stolen goods, three mischief crimes, two frauds and two impaired driving violations

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Recent crime statistics for the Town of Kindersley show traffic violations and thefts to be ongoing concerns in the community since the spring began.

The Kindersley RCMP detachment prepares reports for municipal officials in the area. Crimes committed in Kindersley over a three-month period from Feb. 1 to April 30 show that traffic violations picked up from the winter to the spring and thefts continue to be a concern.

Reported, unfounded and actual police responses are in the monthly reports, along with a breakdown of crimes or areas of police activity. The reports include criminal code violations, provincial statutes, written warnings and other activities.

There were 122 reported, six unfounded and 116 actual responses in April, 155 reported, four unfounded and 151 actual responses in March and 96 reported, eight unfounded and 88 actual responses in February. There was an increase of 63 actual responses from February to March, but activity decreased in April.

Provincial traffic offences and other police activities consume a majority of the calls for police. The two categories consumed 27 of 88 actual responses in February, 83 of 151 actual responses in March and 55 of 116 actual responses in April.

The term responses covers crimes and various other police activities. The reports also include calls for vehicle collisions. There were seven collisions in February, six collisions in March and only two collisions in April.

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