7 tips for winning your scholarship

WINNING YOUR scholarship

Spending years paying off student loan debt can be very difficult and frustrating. You could, however, just apply for a scholarship and avoid putting yourself in so much debt. Winning a scholarship can be a little challenging, especially if you don’t know exactly what is expected of you. Below are seven simple tips to ensure you land a scholarship today.

1. Start Your Search Immediately

Most people wait for the spring of their senior year to start applying for scholarships, which is ineffective because they have already missed half the deadlines. Ensure you begin searching for a scholarship from as early as grade 9 and 10 to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities. There are several USA scholarships available that you could start applying for before you reach senior year of high school.

2. Apply for Local Scholarships

Benefactors, small businesses, organizations, and clubs often offer local scholarships that are quite easy to get with the right approach. Remember that the local scholarships are only open to a small group of students so you, therefore, have higher odds of getting them. To get local scholarships, talk to your teachers, check community portals, and search local media websites.

3. Apply for Small Award scholarships

Most people assume scholarships with smaller awards and go for the most prestigious scholarships available and you should take advantage of the situation. Just apply for smaller awards scholarships that have fewer applicants and increase your chances of winning. In college, you will need these small scholarships for living expenses and buying books or supplies.

4. Apply for All the Scholarships You’re Eligible

Even if you feel a scholarship is too competitive and your chances of getting it are very minimal, do not hesitate to apply. The more scholarship applications you send, the higher the chances of winning one.

5. Be Passionate and Personalize Your Essay

Ensure your essay relates to your personal experiences and that it is a subject that is of interest to you. A more personalized piece will stand out from all the other generic essays that most other candidates will present. Be specific and passionate giving examples and try to talk about how you impact other people’s lives.

6. Submit Your Application Early

There are always so many uncertainties like poor internet connections, site problems, and computer malfunctions, that you could encounter when you wait to submit your application on the due date. It is essential that you submit your application as soon as you have completed all the requirements and proofread your work.

7. Don’t Give Up

You will not win every single scholarship that you apply for and this should not discourage you. You need to keep trying even after you join college. Remember that there are all sorts of scholarships available for every type of candidate and you will get one that suits you soon enough.


Winning a scholarship takes time, and you will hardly get any feedback almost immediately. You should practice patience, and soon enough one out of the several scholarships you applied will give you a positive response.

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