Regional bylaw court established in Kindersley

Establishing the court came up because area municipalities have a hard time enforcing bylaws and collecting fines

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

More than 30 municipalities have committed to participate in a municipal bylaw court in Kindersley. The court has received preliminary approval.

Bernie Morton, the chief administrative officer (CAO) for the Town of Kindersley, has been working with provincial court and justice officials to establish a bylaw court in the region. The sittings will take place in Kindersley once a month.

Municipalities across the region were invited to participate in the bylaw court and according to the CAO, more than 30 urban and rural municipalities have committed to the initiative. Municipalities had until the end of August to commit and they did so by resolution of their councils.

The municipal bylaw court will take place on the first Thursday of each month. Nov. 2 has been proposed for the first sitting. It will be presided over by senior justices of the peace from the provincial court system.

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