Council approves tax abatement for harvest group

Field of Opportunities hopes to grant about $20,000 to community ventures thanks to the 2017 canola crop

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

Town council has agreed to abate property taxes for a charity harvest group after hearing from one of the group’s members.

Brenda Burton, a representative of the Field of Opportunities (FOO) charity harvest group, appeared at the council meeting on Nov. 14 to provide information. The group wanted $2,760 in 2017 property taxes abated.

For three years, FOO has seeded and harvested a crop on about 100 acres of land north of Moody’s Equipment Ltd. and the Canalta Hotel. The land is classified as agricultural property, so it’s taxed accordingly.

The tax abatement request was before council at a meeting on Oct. 23 but council members wanted more information before granting the request. Mayor Rod Perkins said council discussed the request. He noted that council represents the taxpayers, so members wanted to know if the funds would benefit local groups.

Burton said FOO was established three years ago as a partnership between landowners Pat and Deb Holland, Prairie West Terminal (PWT) and Moody’s Equipment. PWT has since become G3 Kindersley and G3 Prairie West.

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