Town amends fees before adopting airport bylaw

Deputy Mayor Ken Francis said council discussed a range of information gathered from airports, user groups and other sources

Kenneth Brown
of The Clarion

The Town of Kindersley has replaced landing fees with new annual fees in a new airport bylaw after airport users expressed their concerns with the new fees.

Council members gave the final two readings to adopt the new airport bylaw at a special meeting of council on Dec. 21, but not before the town responded to concerns from airport users regarding new landing fees proposed within the bylaw’s fee schedule.

Bylaw 10-17, a bylaw to regulate the Kindersley Regional airport, and to provide for airport authority, rules, regulations and fees, was first before council on Dec. 11 at a regularly scheduled meeting. Representatives of the Kindersley Flying Club and Kindersley Airspray appeared at the meeting.

The delegates expressed various concerns with the proposed new bylaw. The addition of landing fees at the airport was a common concern for both, but there were other concerns presented to town officials.

Concerns included the lack of consultation with airport users and stakeholders before the bylaw was drafted, the perceived removal of the airport’s advisory board, competitive edge for commercial users operating at airports with no landing fees, the ambiguous nature of the bylaw, and the idea of charging landing fees to permanent, local aircraft owners that pay other rental and tie-down fees.

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