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From the CFL to high school football to junior hockey

Clarion staff

This past weekend the CFL presented their Labour Day Weekend  games. A great weekend of games that prove the CFL has quality and is fun football to watch.

The most anticipated game in these parts was obviously the game between the Riders and the Bombers from Winnipeg. Both halves of the game showed two different sides of the Green and White team. First half was the defence and special teams carrying the team. The second half was when the offence finally played up to their potential. This seems to be a pattern in recent games and hopefully gets addressed soon.

The offence has a different look when Markus Thigpen is the featured back. His speed out of the Backfield and when running pass plays was a major difference, and changed the game. Maybe the team should just keep him in the game on a regular basis and stop the revolving door in the backfield.

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