Gambling is very popular in Canada, with the estimated market being worth $14 billion in 2020.

The country is well-known for having several gambling activities. This includes horse racing, where players can choose from over forty-four tracks, so they have plenty of choices when it comes to betting. Sports like hockey, lacrosse, and the Canadian Football League are also popular. In terms of casino games, slots are the clear winner.

Regulation of Gambling in Canada is Fairly Stringent, Particularly for Saskatchewan

How Popular is Gambling in Saskatchewan?This particularly relates to the control of alcohol and drugs, covered by several regulations such as The Alcohol Control Regulations 2016 and The Liquor and Gaming Authority Employee Code of Conduct Regulations just to name a couple.

Although general regulations are laid out in The Gaming Regulations 2007, specific rules for Saskatchewan also exist, as part of The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Casino Regulations 2002.

According to The Horse racing Regulation Act, horse racing appears to be another area strictly regulated in Canada. However, a similar act, The Horse Racing Commission Employee Designation Regulations, has now been repealed.


SIGA stands for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.

It currently operates six casinos in the province, two of which are owned and operated by Saskgaming, a corporation set up in 1996 under the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act 1994 for operating Casino Regina.

The authority was created in 1995 by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian nations and later became an incorporated authority the following year. It is regulated by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA), which works with the corporation on many different matters.

It’s a big setup. In fact, SIGA employs over 1,700 different people and raised above $1 billion for various beneficiaries, which was plowed back into the local community.

Areas of Canada Particularly Well Known for their Casinos are Toronto and Ontario

Toronto, in particular, is well known for offering many different types of entertainment, as it is a very liberal state.

Thanks to a new law introduced in 1985, it independently regulated its gambling industry, introducing several online and physical casinos.

Some casinos based here are world-renowned, including the Casino Windsor and another large casino resort. Online slot casinos, in particular, are top-rated here.

Ontario is another part of Canada that is home to many well-known casinos and resorts. Including Caesars Windsor and Niagara. The scene here is growing, with new casinos such as North Bay still being constructed.

How Popular is Gambling in Saskatchewan?

What are the Top Casinos in Saskatchewan?

They are the Dakota Dunes, Gold Eagle and Bear Claw casinos. All of which happen to be owned by SIGA. Here’s a little more about each one.

Dakota Dunes. Located just twenty minutes south of Saskatoon, this casino is located at the highest point on the Saskatchewan river valley basin. It provides outstanding views and first-rate entertainment. Being a Vegas style casino, it never fails to impress any visitor who travels far to get there. It’s well known for its courteous and friendly service, promising hospitality which can’t be beaten!

Gold Eagle. This is one of West Central Saskatchewan’s main entertainment destinations. Located in North Battleford, it’s become the ideal venue for both locals and travelers since opening its doors in 1996. In that time, it’s won many different awards and offers lots of different types of games. Including slots, live games and an electronic table system called ‘The Circuit’. Here, players can play games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and stadium poker along with an exciting and fun live dealer.

Bear Claw Casino. Hidden among the scenic Moose Mountains, this is a historic casino that opened back in 1993. Despite a period of closing down due to a decision made between the first nations and provincial government, it re-opened in 1996 and has been operating successfully ever since. It enjoys players from far and wide who enjoy the pleasant surroundings and the intimate experience offered. Plus, with plenty of parking, an onsite hotel and an outdoor entertainment area, it’s more of a resort than a casino. However, thanks to the casino floor, measuring over 30,000 square feet, players are bound to find something they want to bet on!

And then there’s the world of online. Many Canadians now opt to play casino games online for many different reasons. The development of mobile devices makes the world of online gambling more convenient. Internet speed is getting quicker, and more and more online casinos are becoming available, offering more choices.

In particular, Canadians love that they can play online instead of travelling to a casino. They also like that they can gamble anonymously online, so no one knows what they are spending.

Another reason why online casinos are popular amongst Canadians is the bonuses and promotions they are offered for signing-up to a new site or for re-visiting a particular site often. A tactic used by Canadian casino providers is offering bonuses and promotions to their players to encourage them to tryout their site or to keep them returning, something that is not often used by land-based casinos.

Considering all of this, it’s no surprise that Canada is the eighth most popular country globally for online gambling.

Despite the Impact of COVID-19 on Casino Closures, Government Grants Offer a Shining Beacon of Hope

How Popular is Gambling in Saskatchewan?Despite the closure of many casinos in the area due to the global pandemic, government support has been available to help owners keep afloat.

The Saskatchewan government offered over $43 million to support organizations unable to open due to the lockdown. Plus, another $36.6 million was allocated by the first national trust.

$1.6 million has been provided to the CCFD to allow them to continue operating until the end of the year. If this wasn’t enough, a further $5.4 million was generated in equity.

Despite a Difficult Year, Canadian Casinos are Being Offered a Much-Needed Lifeline

There’s no doubt that Canada’s gambling market is impressive. What’s particularly impressive is that this is also despite fairly strict regulation.

In particular, Saskatchewan is well known for gambling and run by its own gambling authority, SIGA, which runs six casinos in the province. Toronto and Ontario are also popular gambling destinations.

While COVID and lockdowns have impacted revenue for many casinos, the government has provided financial aid to them. This means they will be able to operate until the end of this year at least.

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