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Online casinos have become the hit new thing. Everybody is interested in them, and seemingly everyone is talking about them, at least on the internet. Yet, many governments throughout the world insist on outright banning these sites. In this article, we’d like to discuss the merits of online casino legalization, and talk about why some people are in favor of the iGaming industry becoming legitimized in Canada.

People Play Them

The first thing to note is, whether they are legal or not, people still find ways to play online casinos. The problem with that is twofold. The first is that a person is being made into a criminal for something that does not impact the greater safety of society. The second is that they are playing at unsafe, and often unregulated websites.

On the other hand, if online casinos were legal, said person would find safe, regulated, licensed, and secure gambling sites. An example of this would be the Novibet casino Canada website, which has been providing top-tier service for fans of online gambling. Luckily, the Canadian government agrees with the assessment, and has made it legal to use offshore casinos, like Novibet, in order to place bets.

Better Regulation

One of the major arguments in favor of legalizing online casinos is that the government can then impose better regulation. In many ways, legalizing online casinos makes it more difficult for people to play them, as they have to stick to certain rules and guidelines put forth by the governing authority.

In Canada, for example, citizens are allowed to wager and gamble using licensed offshore casinos that offer sports betting and various casino games. Players must be at least 19-years-old to make an account, and the websites are barred from advertising in Canada. These regulations would not be possible if online casinos were outright banned.

A Boost to the Economy

As we’ve said, Canada has only legalized access to offshore casinos. Meaning, there are few-to-no websites that operate within Canada’s borders. While this does make gambling safer for Canadians, it also means that Canada does not profit from iGaming market. Legalizing online casinos and allowing them to operate within Canada’s borders would change that.

The online gambling websites would have to pay taxes to the government. A portion of all of their earnings would go into the government, and then be redistributed among the people. In other words, the Canadian economy would see a pretty hefty boost. As evidence of this, we just need to look at the American states who’ve reaped the benefits of legal iGaming, like New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Few Things to Consider

We hope that this article has made you consider the benefits of a safe and legal online gambling industry. The negatives often associated with online casinos have largely been proven to be myths, misconceptions, and sometimes, straight up incorrect. If you are interested in iGaming, we urge you to read a bit more about the industry, and get acquainted with how online casinos operate, as it will help you better understand how to play these games.

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