No shortage of laughs

Eatonia Oasis Players’ recent production of the play Allocating Annie by Rick Abbot was a great success

Members of the Eatonia Oasis Players act out a scene in their recent production of a play titled Allocating Annie by Rick Abbot. In the scene, famous plastic surgeon Clifford Tucker (Dion Swan), at centre stage, tries to tell his fiancé Bobbi Ralston (Delia Massey) he has a child she knows nothing about, a child he inherited from an inventor. Unbeknown even to Tucker, the child is an extremely lifelike doll. There was no shortage of laughs during the play where among the plot twists and turns, there’s a happy ending for three couples, including Dr. Tucker and Annebel Fesco (Maryanne Becker), far right, Jake Putnum (Matthew McKinnon), far left, and Ralston, and Tucker’s sister Tracy (Cora Knuttila), second from right, and struggling actor Langdon Barnett (Bryan Somerville), second from left. The Oasis Players did performances over three nights from Jan. 24-26 at the Eatonia Community Hall.

oasis players

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