Local couple overwhelmed by conditions in Cuba

Ruth and Lloyd Griffith are now gathering medical supplies to send to the impoverished country

Joan Janzen
for The Clarion

Kindersley residents Ruth and Lloyd Griffith encountered a surprising sight while on vacation in Cuba in 2018.

Ruth corresponds with a close friend who pastors in the city of Bauta in Cuba, who had suggested helping their clinic would be a great project to get involved in. When Ruth and Lloyd travelled to Cuba for a holiday, they stayed with this friend and her husband, in the city of Bauta, located in the Artemisa Province of Cuba, with a population of approximately 45,000.

Ruth Griffith (from Kindersley), Dr. Tania, Pastora Beatriz (both from Cuba) during a visit at the clinic in Cuba.

The medical clinic is just a few blocks from their home. “So when we were there, we were walking past the clinic and so we went in.” Ruth said.

Lloyd began to describe their tour of the facility, where the lighting was outrageous and the building needed painting.

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