From communism to Canada

Local reverend recounts the humorous and the trying in his life adventure

Joan Janzen
for The Clarion

Kindersley resident Piotr (Peter) Strzeleck experienced the culture shock of transitioning from communist Poland to our nation of Canada in the fall of 1993. Though his homeland had already been free of communist rule for several years, Rev. Peter couldn’t recall any dramatic changes that took place as a result.

Rev. Piotr (Peter) Strzelecki, in his office at St. Paul’s United Church, holds a Ciupaga (shepherd’s walking stick/axe).

“I was born in 1970 and experienced the tail end of communism.” he explained. “There was the good, the bad, and the interesting and funny.” For instance, he had to go halfway across town to an outlet store, where there was a delivery of toilet paper, and each person could buy twelve roles on a string and then chase home so no one would steal it. “And I remember being told to not tear off too much.”

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